Dazzler: The B-Sides


Bill Sienkiewicz Dazzler #29 - Arkham Comics 7 rue Broca 75005 ParisThe 1980s was the decade that took excess to the maximum. Neon-sprayed hair was jacked up to Jesus, shoulder pads were no longer just for football players, and the music was leagues beyond the tripe that currently clogs “Top Ten” Spotify playlists. From this shimmering era of cocaine and new wave synths came a superhero for the times. A beacon that descended like a glittering disco ball and quickly developed an unshakable fan base that still thrives to this day. Alison Blaire a.k.a. the mutant songbird known as Dazzler.

Unlike her genetically empowered counterparts, the X-Men, Alison was more concerned with furthering her career in music as opposed to heroism or contributing to the human/mutant cohabitation plight. She preferred to only use her powers of sound-to-light transduction to entertain audiences instead of proactively snuffing out criminal activity. This conflict would be part of the driving force for most of the Dazzler ongoing series that Marvel Comics published from 1981 through 1985.

Roughly thirty years later, the comic book market is seeing a massive influx of female-led titles and Alison Blaire is right in the thick of things as one of the prominent members of the all-female team, A-Force. With a fresh fashion makeover, several unresolved storylines, and a fantastic roster of potential co-stars, has the time has come for Marvel to flip the record to side B and give Dazzler a well-deserved encore?

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Getting Geeky with Pandora Boxx

pandora01Growing up in the frigid tundra of Western New York not only hardened me to the brutal cold weather and endless snowstorms that rival those north of the Wall, it also provided a drag scene like no other. My old stomping grounds churned out one of the most memorable ladies from season two of RuPaul’s Drag Race… Pandora Boxx.

Not only is Ms. Boxx responsible for contributing to many late nights of youthful debauchery on my part (damn her and her “candy apple” shots that were pretty much just straight whiskey), but it turns out that she is an out and proud geek of the highest caliber. I recently reached out to my old gal pal for a fun and frivilous Q&A about geeks, gayming, and the gayest zombie apocalypse EVER!

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