WHAM! BAM! Thank You, Ma’am! — Monet St. Croix

callisto-vs-sabretooth-4Welcome to Wham! Bam! Thank You, Ma’am!, Geeks OUT’s newest monthly recap that focuses on the trials and tribulations of a different Marvel Universe SFC (Strong Female Character) each month. July’s spotlight shines on a fan-favorite X-Man who can go toe-to-toe with Emma Frost in regards to powers, attitude, and money… Monet St. Croix (a.k.a. M).

Created by Scott Lobdell and Chris Bachalo in 1994 to debut during the Phalanx Covenant arc of Uncanny X-Men, Monet St. Croix would go on to be one of the leading characters in the 90s crown jewel, Generation X. After an extended period in “comic book limbo,” she would later appear in the revered X-Factor run from Peter David and more recently in the all-femaleX-Men book from Brian Wood and later G. Willow Wilson.

As one of the few Muslim characters in the Marvel Universe and the daughter of a biracial Monegasque ambassador to France and his Algerian wife, Monet represents diversity from every angle. She’s glamorous, arrogant, and has an array of powers that would require an accountant to keep track of. It’s little wonder why the gay geeks love her.

image2_0The latest run of Uncanny X-Men finds Magneto’s team split apart with the master of magnetism and Psylocke dealing with Apocalypse’s petulant offspring, Genocide, while Monet and Sabretooth assist Callisto and the Morlocks in fending off another of the St. Croix brood… Monet’s grotesque, vampiric brother, Emplate. Issue #10 picks up just moments after Monet has offered herself to Emplate as collateral if he agrees to free the sewer dwelling residents.

Always the clever one, Monet reveals her deception and proceeds to verbally and physically pummel her brother. With no precious mutant bone marrow from which to feed on, Emplate quickly loses his dimensional foothold and fades from existence… but not before sinking his claws into his sister, infecting her with his insatiable hunger.

image3_1The story line closes with Emplate’s hunger threatening to expose Monet’s infliction should she not cooperate and yield to its need to feed. She is soon approached by Sabretooth (who had been enjoying a love/hate flirtation with our heroine). He tells her that he respects her wishes not to divulge her condition to the team and offers to allow her to feed on his marrow should she need to.

In addition to Cullen Bunn’s Uncanny X-Men, Monet is also appearing in the mutant tie-in series to Civil War II. With the Terrigen Mists poisoning the mutant population and the arrival of new Inhuman precog, Ulysses, Magneto’s team of X-Men questions what dangers this new player poses for mutants and their survival.

image4_1As Carol Danvers assists Storm’s team of X-Men fend off an attack from the Brood in Raleigh, Monet and her teammates question the arrival of Nightcrawler at their Savage Land base, seemingly defected from Ororo’s group. Monet shows no hesitation in her initial mistrust of Kurt’s motives. He reveals that he does not approve of Ulysses’ ability to “play God” and is concerned about the reliability of the prophetic visions.

Mr. Wagner is hardly the only mutant to betray the home team as Betsy quickly becomes disillusioned with Magneto’s desire for war with the Inhumans and departs in the Quinjet. Monet brings news of Psylocke’s abandonment to Magneto and offers to track down and bring the renegade ninja back.

image1_1SFC Moment of the Month: July’s standout, albeit heartbreaking, moment comes courtesy of Kelly Thompson and Ben Caldwell’s stellar A-Force #7. After revealing to the team that she has been infected with the Terrigen plague, Dazzler Thor’s condition deteriorates rapidly during the final confrontation with Countess. With her final moments looming, she urges a still emotionally damaged Dazzler “Prime” to find her light once again.


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