WHAM! BAM! Thank You, Ma’am – Captain Marvel

image6Welcome to Wham! Bam! Thank You, Ma’am! Geeks OUT‘s newest monthly recap that focuses on the trials and tribulations of a different Marvel Universe SFC (Strong Female Character) each month. With the latest superhuman civil war in full swing, it only seems appropriate that June’s spotlight shine on one of its key players, Carol Danvers, a.k.a. Captain Marvel.

image1_0The current events in A-Force #6 play out prior to the latest Marvel crossover, Civil War II. The book finds Carol and her team (comprised of She-Hulk, Medusa, Nico Minoru, Dazzler, and Singularity) as prisoners of the Countess, a Glory-from-Buffy-esque sorceress who managed to escape the destruction of Battleworld. Together with “Thorzzler” (Dazzler of Battleworld’s Thor Corps), the team has to not only take on the Countess and an enthralled Nico, but also a bewitched-to-SMASH She-Hulk. Despite attempts to break the Countess’s hold on her, Nico is still swayed to cast the spell of “Gangsters’ Shoes” on her teammates, leaving them to swim with the fish at the bottom of the Port of Astoria.

image2_1Moving on to Civil War II #1 and #2, new Inhuman precog, Ulysses, has successfully assisted the Earth’s heroes in thwarting a Celestial attack on Manhattan. This leads to the root disagreement and cause of the rift between Carol Danvers and Tony Stark. Is it morally acceptable to use Ulysses’s visions to preemptively stop threats before they happen? And what happens if that threat comes from one of their own? What if the threat is not so “black and white?”

Readers should be familiar with what happens next from the story in FCBD’s issue of Civil War II. Ulysses’s latest vision involves an attack on Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. by the mad Titan, Thanos. The Inhumans bring the information to Carol, who quickly assembles a strike force comprised of A-Force and the Ultimates and take the fight to Thanos. Even while caught off-guard, the damage Thanos causes before capture is insurmountable. War Machine is left dead and She-Hulk comatose.

Enraged over the loss of his friend, Tony infiltrates New Attilan and kidnaps Ulysses in an attempt to understand how his powers work. Carol, more resolved than ever to see that the loss of Rhodey and Jennifer are not for nothing, arrives with the Inhumans to free Ulysses. Carol and Tony continue their verbal tirade against each other as the young Inhuman experiences (and shares) a new vision. Bruce Banner, the Hulk, is going to kill them all.

image3_1Ultimates #8 does a fantastic job of documenting events and filling in the blanks that lead up to Thanos’s attack on Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. in his search for a Cosmic Cube. The issue begins with a flashback to Captain Marvel’s initial recruiting of the Ultimates members. It is made crystal clear from its beginnings that this would be a preemptive strike force to deal with cataclysmic events before their inception. With this knowledge, readers can understand why Carol has been so adamant about utilizing Ulysses’s abilities to fulfill her mission statement.

The book then proceeds to flesh out the moments just prior to Thanos’s attack and Carol taking a leadership role on the offensive team with Monica Rambeau drafting a detailed battle plan.

image4_0Ms. Marvel #8 has the titular character venturing up to the Alpha Flight space station for a meeting with Carol Danvers, her longtime idol. Upon arrival, Captain Marvel brings Kamala up to speed on Ulysses and how his powers work. The young hero initially believes it to resemble a form of profiling which Carol denies. Kamala is then entrusted with the role of liaison between Alpha Flight, the Inhumans, and a group of volunteer Carol Corps Cadets.

image5_0Carol Danvers’s solo title, Captain Marvel #6, finds her dealing with the aftermath of the recent incident involving the alien race known as the Satori. After dealing with Alpha Flight’s Board of Governors and a romantic liaison with Rhodey, she learns that her nemesis, Dr. Minverva of the Kree Science Academy is still on Earth and in the process of deploying a biological weapon in California. Accompanied by Puck and Aurora, Carol arrives to find out that the weapon has already been deployed, genetically mutating the nearby population into hideous monstrosities. It is at this moment that Carol realizes that waiting is no longer an option and Ulysses’s gifts must be utilized to prevent further disasters.

image7SFC Moment of the Month: June’s standout moment comes from the pages of Doctor Strange #9. After dealing with the Empirikul, a fanatical group of interdimensional super scientists intent on eradicating all magic users from the multiverse, Talisman and Magik finally reach the point of “zero f*cks left to give.”


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