Strong Female Squadron

8e416ad03d37bbf427785f16d16f5ae7With the post-apocalyptic event, Secret Wars, still in the throws of its penultimate issue, the ripple effects of the “multiversal incursions” and fate of Battleworld are already being felt across the All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe.

To briefly sum up the current catastrophe that has befallen the Marvel Universe, one has to go back to Jonathan Hickman’s recent (and brilliant) run of New Avengers and the pan-dimensional disasters that were discovered by the Illuminati.

Victor Von Doom’s patchwork planet, Battleworld (as seen in Secret Wars), was crafted as a result of the cataclysms known as the “multiversal incursions.” Setting aside the “how” and “why,” the incursions spanned the near-infinite multiverse and occurred when one universe’s Earth slammed into a neighboring universe’s Earth, resulting in the obliteration of one/both Earth(s) and respective universe(s). Not even Earth-616 (Marvel’s main continuity) and Earth-1610 (The Ultimate Universe) were spared.

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