Getting Geeky with Pandora Boxx

pandora01Growing up in the frigid tundra of Western New York not only hardened me to the brutal cold weather and endless snowstorms that rival those north of the Wall, it also provided a drag scene like no other. My old stomping grounds churned out one of the most memorable ladies from season two of RuPaul’s Drag Race… Pandora Boxx.

Not only is Ms. Boxx responsible for contributing to many late nights of youthful debauchery on my part (damn her and her “candy apple” shots that were pretty much just straight whiskey), but it turns out that she is an out and proud geek of the highest caliber. I recently reached out to my old gal pal for a fun and frivilous Q&A about geeks, gayming, and the gayest zombie apocalypse EVER!

So, Pandora, what are your earliest memories of letting your geek flag fly? What geeky past times did you enjoy in your childhood?

I guess I never really thought of myself as a geek.  I always just liked what I like.  I remember staying up late to watch reruns of the classic Star trek series. I was obsessed with Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica and E.T. Anything that involved space and aliens. Maybe it stemmed from when I would act out my mom would tell me that aliens sent me here to test her. Or maybe it was that I always felt alien to other people.

Coming from the same era of gaming, we had no internet to give us cheats and walkthroughs. Were there any games from your youth that you played for days or weeks on end because you were hellbent on making it to the end?

I have to say a lot of games I’d just give up on towards the end because it became to repetitive and redundant. However, I am very competitive so I know I spent hours before I gave up. The Legend of Zelda actually was the first one I was determined to conquer and did. Most video games are all about patterns. Recognize the pattern and you can defeat it.

Given the opportunity to create a video game from start to finish, what would your ideal game be like?

It would definitely have a fierce princess in it but she would not need to be saved. I’d like her to have to save someone. Or maybe a game where it’s your goal to destroy all the stupid people in the world.  Maybe fairy tale characters come to life and wipe out the idiots of the world.

10403127_914361805099_1295217783172254363_nEarlier this year, you met Nichelle Nichols (which I am sickeningly jealous about). What do you think it is about Lt. Uhura that most gay Trekkies hold in such high regard?

I think for one, she was a diva. I mean she looked gorgeous and would always strike a pose on that ship. It was also empowering at the time to see a black woman on television in that type of role. Not everyone knows it but she thought of leaving the show after the first season but Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. told he she had to stay on. I’m so glad she did! Since there are no openly gay characters on Star Trek, I think she became our muse.

It’s no secret that you are a rabid fan of “The Walking Dead.” Have you always been a fan of the zombie genre? If so, what are some of your favorite moments in cinematic brain-eating history?

I live for all things zombie. I often pray for a zombie apocalypse to wipe out some of the people ruining this world. Ha! There’s something realistic about it all, like it could be in the realm of possibilities. The Walking Dead is amazing because it is the most realistic approach to the whole zombie genre. I mean, that is how people would react. Those zombies seem like they could really be real. That said, I do love a good campy zombie movie too like Return of the Living Dead 2 or even Return of the Living Dead. Both camp-tastic. I love a little comedy thrown in to like Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland.  Both of those are pretty kick-ass movies but also hilarious.

If you could only pick one from each, who would you pick? Team Daryl or Team Rick? Team Carol or Team Michonne?

Ok the first one is easy, Team Daryl. Rick is so jaded now and Daryl is hotter. I am definitely Team Carol from this past season but I love some Michonne. Carol is pretty bad ass now but Michonne has been. I’m going to go with Team Michonne because she’s fierce and level headed now.

10418259_350411548416689_8531297563833874494_nScenario: The zombie apocalypse has descended upon us and you are in charge of assembling a team of five survivors comprised of any past/present contestants on “Drag Race.” Who would you pick and why?

Of course in the zombie apocalypse I’m still trapped on Drag Race!  I think I would pick Sharon Needles because I feel she has the most knowledge about zombies, Shangela because she always keeps popping up everywhere so she knows how to survive, Nina Flowers because she’s fiery when she needs to be but would be a great peace keeper, Latrice Royale because if she survived prison, she can survive an apocalypse plus she can cook and Morgan McMichaels because she’s a bad ass bitch and could kick some zombie ass.

Finally, what advice would you give to any member of the LGBT community who is afraid of coming out of the “geek” closet for fear of being judged by their peers?

Fuck ’em! You do you!

Be sure to stay up to date on everything that’s happening with Pandora by visiting her website here. Buy some merch and make it rain if you happen to catch her performing at a club near you. Her new single, Unicorn, drops on Friday (April 10th) and what self-respecting gay geek doesn’t LOVE a unicorn? I mean, REALLY?!

*This article is also available on Geeks OUT*


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